SAT Fee Waivers

What are they, and who is eligible?

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Are test fees a barrier for you when it comes to testing and applying to college? You may want to see if you qualify for a fee waiver. We offer fee waivers to help lower-income students pay for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests™. Download this checklist to guide you through the process.

Learn more about the SAT Fee-Waiver service by having a look at our Guidelines for Students and Families (also available in Spanish).

How to obtain a fee waiver

Your high school counselor or an authorized community-based organization can give you a waiver if you qualify. Are you home schooled? You can request a fee waiver from the counselor at your local public high school.

How do I know if I am eligible?

High school students in the U.S. or U.S. territories who can't afford to pay test fees may be eligible for SAT fee waivers. Fee waivers can be used for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. U.S. citizens living outside the U.S. may also qualify for a fee waiver. Students must be in 11th or 12th grade to use an SAT fee waiver, or in 9th to 12th grade to use a Subject Test fee waiver. To be eligible, you must meet at least one of the requirements below:

  • Enrollment in or eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).
  • Annual family income falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
  • Enrollment in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g. Federal TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).
  • Family receives public assistance.
  • Lives in federally subsidized public housing, or a foster home, or are homeless.
  • A ward of the state or an orphan.

More than just a fee waiver

No matter your financial situation, college is within reach. Attending a four-year college means you'll have more career options in the future. You'll also have the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, study subjects you love, and uncover your passions and talents. A fee waiver can help you realize your college dreams, since taking the SAT® is an important step on the road to college. Using an SAT fee waiver gives you access to a ton of great benefits you can read about below.

What does a fee waiver cover?

  • Your SAT fee waiver covers 100% of the registration fees for a single test date.
  • You can use up to two waivers for the SAT and up to two waivers for the SAT Subject Tests™. That's a total of four fee waivers (up to three Subject Tests per test date).
  • You receive four score reports every time you register. These four score reports must be used at the time of registration or up to nine days after the Saturday test date. When you use a waiver, you also get four additional score reports (worth a total of $45) to send your scores to the colleges of your choice at any time
  • Most colleges charge an application fee. As a fee-waiver user, you are entitled to use, and will automatically receive, four Request for Waiver of College Application Fee forms from the College Board for the 2015-16 academic year. *Many four-year and two-year colleges accept application waivers – view a list of schools that participate in the College Application Fee waiver process. College is totally within your reach, and application waivers can help you get there.
  • Get a $40 discount on The Official SAT Online Course™ when you order it during online registration.
  • Choose either the Question-and-Answer Service or the Student Answer Service (for the SAT only), and get it FREE when you order during registration.

*If you don’t receive your Request for Waiver of College Application Fee forms directly, ask your counselor to provide them to you. You are entitled to use up to four of these forms.

Register for the SAT® using your fee waiver

During registration:

  • Indicate that you are paying with a fee waiver and enter the entire 12-digit code from your fee-waiver card. You will also be asked to provide your counselor’s name and eligibility criteria (marked on the front of the fee-waiver card). If you are registering by paper, don't forget to enclose the completed and signed fee-waiver card in the envelope.
  • Consider the online course. We have tons of free practice materials — but if you want more practice, save $40 on The Official SAT Online Course™ when you order it during online registration.
  • Remember to send your scores to colleges!
  • Order either the Question-and-Answer Service or the Student Answer Service.
  • NEW: Fee waivers can be used for late registrations in the United States and U.S. territories at no additional charge.

Getting ready for the test

We have a ton of free and affordable practice resources to help you get ready for the big day. Check them out and keep using them—you'll improve your skills and boost your confidence by becoming more familiar with the test format and the types of questions you can expect to see. Here’s what you can find and do on our website:

  • Create your own personalized SAT Study Plan.
  • Take a free, full-length Official SAT Practice Test. See how you score — and get detailed answer explanations to help you better understand which skills to improve. You can take the test online or print it out.
  • Check out The Official SAT Question of the Day™ to answer one SAT question a day (you can even get it daily via Twitter (@SATQuestion) or download the free app).
  • Check out our Test Day Tips and Policies so you know what to expect on test day.
  • Did you take the PSAT/NMSQT®? Sign in to My College QuickStart™. You can review your previous test performance and follow a personalized study plan that fits with the lessons in The Official SAT Online Course™.
  • Use SAT Skills Insight™ to discover how to boost your skills in challenging areas.
  • Try Answers Imagined to discover creative ways to approach tough questions — you might surprise yourself!
  • Want more practice?
    • If you haven't already bought The Official SAT Online Course™ at a discount, order The Official SAT Study Guide: Second Edition. It has 10 official practice tests, free online access to answer explanations, hundreds of practice questions and helpful tips.
    • Go to for additional video tutorials.

Waiving College Application Fees

Maybe you've been dreaming of college since you were a little kid—or maybe you're just starting to think about the possibilities. No matter what, you can attend college and succeed. And fee waivers for the SAT and college applications can help you get there. You’ve got this—and we'll help you along the way.

Start thinking about four-year colleges

  • Create your own pledge to attend college. Don't let worries about tuition cost or grades hold you back. Let everyone know you're going to achieve your dreams!
  • After you take the pledge, learn how others did it! YouCanGo!™ is filled with stories of students overcoming their challenges and achieving their college dreams. From paying for college to leaving your community, you'll find a story like yours!

Apply to college

  • When you use an SAT fee waiver, many four-year and two-year colleges will offer application fee waivers to you. You will automatically receive four Request for Waiver of College Application Fee forms from the College Board for the 2015-16 academic year. (If you find that for some reason you have not received these forms, you can still request them directly from your counselor.). Simply complete these forms and send them to up to four colleges to request that your application fee be waived.
  • Have you checked out BigFuture™? Once you've decided to apply to college, the next step is to make plan to reach that exciting goal. We're here to help with BigFuture, a free college planning site filled with useful resources and inspiring stories about how real students made their college choices. With BigFuture, you can find out more about how to search for colleges, apply to college, access financial aid tools, explore majors, and more. Check it out today and start your journey to finding the right college for you.
  • Register with CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® to apply for financial aid.