Using SAT® Skills Insight™

SAT Skills Insight is only a general guide. Its goal is to help you determine and improve your current skill level in the areas tested on the SAT.

Review your options: Begin by determining your skill level right now. Look at each score band to see what types of skills it requires. Decide how comfortable you feel with the skills described. Don't worry if you're not an exact match for any one score band; it's normal to have some of the skills in the next higher or lower band.

Make your selection: Start by looking at the scores you earned on the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT and any practice tests you have taken. Then choose a separate score band for each section of the SAT - for example, 300-390 for mathematics, 400-490 for critical reading, and 500-590 for writing. Once you've chosen your bands, you can look at the areas that need improvement.