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Sentence Completion

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  1. Read the sentence

  2. Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

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Hoping to ------ the dispute, negotiators proposed a compromise that they felt would be ------ to both labor and management.

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One way to answer a sentence completion question with two words missing is to focus first on just one of the two blanks. If one of the words in an answer choice is logically wrong, then you can eliminate the entire choice from consideration.

Look at the first blank in the example above. Would it make sense to say that "negotiators" who have "proposed a compromise" were hoping to enforce or extend the "dispute"? No, so neither (A) nor (D) can be the correct answer.

Now you can focus on the second blank. Would the "negotiators" have proposed a compromise that they believed would be divisive or unattractive to "both labor and management"? No, so (B) and (C) can be eliminated, and only choice (E) remains.

Always check your answer by reading the entire sentence with your choice filled in. Does it make sense to say "Hoping to resolve the dispute, the negotiators proposed a compromise that they felt would be acceptable to both labor and management"? Yes.

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