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Skills Insight helps you to recognize the skills you need to achieve your goals on the SAT.

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SAT Skills Insight is a free tool to help you get a score that really shows your abilities. It identifies the types of skills that are tested on the SAT with sample test questions so that you can do your best if you're taking the SAT for the first time, or if you got your SAT scores and are thinking, "I want to do better than that."

How it works

  1. Select the section

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    First, select the section of the SAT where you would like to focus—reading, math or writing.

  2. Choose a score band

    Choose a score band Img

    Second, select the range where your score is now. You can use your scores from the PSAT/NMSQT®, the SAT or any practice test you have taken. If you haven't taken any tests yet, you may want to start at the lowest score band to give you a good starting point to gauge your area of strengths.

    What are score bands?

    We've grouped the SAT scores into six "score bands" between 200 and 800. For each band, we provide examples of a typical student's skills who scores within that band. The information is based on the performance of students who have taken the SAT.

  3. Select a skill group

    Select a skill group Img

    Finally, select a skill group. Look at the types of skills tested in each score band. Try to answer the sample questions to see how you do.

    Make sure that you understand the meaning of each skill in a score band. Reviewing the bands below and above yours can help you to recognize the differences between them.

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