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Manage grammatical structures used to modify or compare

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This particular skill group is not represented in this score band. However, it is an important academic skill tested on the SAT. We encourage you to review the skills and examples in the next highest score band, where this particular skill group does appear.

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In your reading, choose a paragraph and identify the adjectives and adverbs in the sentences and the words they modify. In your own writing, check to see that your adjectives are used to modify nouns and that your adverbs are used to modify verbs.

In your reading, focus on sentences that contain comparative phrases (e.g., “as strong as” or “more fit than”). In your own writing, check to see that you use appropriate structures to compare things and ideas.

In your reading, pay attention to how writers use introductory clauses to logically modify the subject of a sentence. In your own writing, check to see that introductory clauses correctly and logically modify the subject of a sentence.


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