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About the SAT

The SAT is offered at least seven times each year in the U.S. and six times internationally. It is offered in October, November, December, January, March (U.S. only; SAT only), May and June. Learn more about the SAT.

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When to Take the SAT

Most students take the SAT during their junior or senior year of high school. At least half of all students take the SAT twice — in the spring as a junior and in the fall as a senior. Most students improve their score the second time they take the SAT. Learn more about when to take the SAT.

Register Online

The quickest and easiest way to register is online:

  • Choose your test date and test center in real time.
  • Receive immediate registration confirmation.
  • Get 24-hour access to your registration for printing or correcting your Admission Ticket.

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Help colleges find you before you apply. When you say "yes" to Student Search Service, we'll send some of your information to colleges, giving them the opportunity to reach out to you — a potential new student. Learn more about Student Search Service.

Know your SAT Testing Rights & Requirements

Register by Mail

You need to register by mail if you:

  • Pay by check or money order (payable to "The College Board").
  • Are younger than 13 years old.
  • Register for Sunday testing for the first time due to a religious observance.
  • Request that we open a test center nearer to your home.
  • Cannot upload a digital photo as part of the online registration process.
  • Take the test in Ghana
  • Register through an SAT representative.

To register by mail, you need The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, which is available from your school counselor. The Guide comes with a registration form and return envelope.

When filling out the form, you will likely need a College Board code number for college majors, college and scholarship programs, test centers, and your high school. To find these numbers, use our Code Search tool or the code list from your counselor.

Photo Requirements

You must submit a photo with your registration for the SAT. The photo you provide will become part of your Admission Ticket. Learn more about photo requirements.

Waitlist Registration

Missed the deadline? Learn about requesting Waitlist Status.

Home-Schooled Student Registration

Home-schooled students can register online or by mail. When prompted for a high school code, enter: 970000.

Students schooled at home who do not have acceptable photo identification should download and print out a Student ID Form. Complete the form and take it to a notary public for validation. You must attach a current photo of yourself (the same photo requirements apply) to the form, in the area indicated, before the form is notarized. This form must be dated and is good for only one year.

You will be asked to sign the Student ID Form again at the test center.

School ID Form

Your school can prepare an ID form for you. This form must include a recognizable photo, and the school seal must overlap the photo. Sign the ID form in the presence of your counselor or principal. You will be asked to sign the ID form again at the test center. This form must be dated and is good for only one year.