CD Player Guidance

CD players for SAT Subject Tests with Listening

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This information refers to the current SAT and is in effect through the January 2016 test date. Get information about the redesigned SAT, which starts March 2016.

Taking an SAT Subject Test with Listening? If you need to purchase or borrow an acceptable CD player, please make arrangement in advance, as these items are not always readily available. Here’s what you need to know about your CD player for test day:

  • You are not allowed to use a CD player with recording or duplicating capabilities. No power cords are allowed. Boom boxes are not allowed.
  • Make sure your CD player is in good working order.
  • Insert fresh batteries the day before the test. You may bring additional batteries and a backup player to the test center. Test center staff will not have batteries, CD players, or earphones for your use.
  • You may not share a CD player with another test-taker.
  • If the volume on your CD player disturbs other test-takers, the Test Center Supervisor may ask you to lower the volume or move to another seat.
  • If your CD player malfunctions:
    • Raise your hand and tell the test supervisor.
    • Use backup equipment and continue to test. If you do not have any backup equipment, you may request that your score on the listening test be canceled. Notify the room supervisor and obtain a Request to Cancel Scores Form. Scores for other SAT Subject Tests you take that day will not be canceled. Learn more.
  • If you are given a defective CD on test day, raise your hand and ask the supervisor for a replacement.