Score Reporting and Score Choice

Put your best foot forward by choosing the scores you send.

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Easy to use for one, some or all scores

Easy to use for one, some or all scores

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How to Send Your Scores with Registration

  1. Choose four score recipients during registration

    You can make updates to your score recipients up to nine days after the test date. To make updates, log in to My SAT.
  2. Send additional scores

    Four score sends are included with your registration. If you choose to send more than four or to send scores outside the registration time period, you will be charged $11.25 per score send. If you are a fee-waiver-eligible student, you may have additional score report credits. Learn more.

How Score Choice™ Works

Select which scores you want to send to your score recipients

Score Choice gives you the option to choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests™) you send to colleges — in accordance with an institution's stated score-use practice.

If you decide not to use Score Choice, all of your scores will be sent to your recipients. You should still feel comfortable sending all scores, since most colleges consider a student’s best score.

Sending scores to college and university systems

For certain college and university systems, once you submit your score to one school, other schools within that system will also have access to your score. Please note, however, that if you are applying to more than one school within a college or university system, it is still important for you to send your SAT scores to each individual school. If you are not sure whether the specific school you are applying to is part of such a system, contact the school's admissions office.

Participating in the Student Search Service®

If you chose to opt in to Student Search Service® when registering for the SAT, you may receive information about educational and financial aid opportunities from eligible colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and educational organizations. These organizations use Student Search Service to search for students who may be a good fit for their communities and programs. Their search criteria can include any attribute you provided on the student data questionnaire, except the following: disability, parental education, self-reported parental income, social security number, phone numbers, and actual test scores. The most searched attributes are: expected high school graduation date, cumulative GPA, and intended college major. Participating in Student Search Service is not the same thing as sending official SAT score reports to the schools you choose.

Score Reports and Score Sending

  • Sending official SAT score reports is the only way to ensure that colleges receive your scores.
  • Four SAT score reports are included with your registration.
  • Sending scores with your registration is the fastest way to send scores to colleges and scholarship programs.
  • Many colleges view receiving your scores early as a demonstration of your interest.
  • SAT Program recommends that students send all of their scores if they are unsure of which scores to send.


  • Does Score Choice affect how many scores I send or receive?

    Any or all of your scores can be sent to a college on a single report. It does not cost more to send multiple test scores, or all of them. If you choose not to use Score Choice, all of your scores will be sent automatically in each score report.

    Also, Score Choice applies only to the score reports that you send to colleges. You and your high school still receive scores from all of your test dates.

  • Should Score Choice influence how many times I take the SAT?

    No. While you may see a small score increase if you take the test a second time, there is no evidence to suggest that taking the SAT more than twice is beneficial to your score. Remember: Score Choice allows you to choose your scores only by test date, not by test section.

  • Why should I use my registration score reports if I can't see my scores?

    Using the registration score reports ensures that test scores are sent to colleges at the earliest possible moment. Colleges use standardized test scores for admission as well as scholarship awards, course placement, or selection to a specific program or major. Sending your registration score report ensures that colleges have the most complete set of information about you for use in their review processes.

  • Should I send my scores early?

    If you know which schools you'd like to send your scores to and are comfortable sending your scores in the spring of your junior year, you should do so. Some colleges see this as a sign of interest. They may also use scores to qualify you for special campus visit programs, information sessions in your hometown or scholarships.

  • Should I send all my scores?

    If you are unsure of which scores to send or your college has not indicated their preference, then the SAT Program recommends that you send all scores. There are benefits to sending colleges all of your scores and colleges are particularly interested in your best scores.

  • How can I find the most up-to-date score-use practices for individual colleges and universities?

    When you send scores through My SAT, information about score-use practices will be presented for any college or university to which you choose to send scores.

  • Does Score Choice allow students to choose individual section scores to send?

    Students are only able to select which scores they send by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests™. Scores from an entire SAT test are sent. Students can choose, by test date (test sitting), which scores appear on the score report sent to colleges, universities or scholarship programs.

  • Is the College Board imposing specific test-use practices on colleges and universities?

    Colleges and universities set their own admission policies. Different colleges and universities use test scores in different ways. The College Board recognizes that a "one size fits all" approach to college admission does not reflect the diverse needs of colleges and universities.

    The College Board enables participating colleges to display their SAT score-use practices directly to students on This information is presented at the time that students are asked to send scores.

    In order to collect these score-use practices, the College Board asked institutions to select a score-use practice from a set of the most frequently used score-use practices that colleges and universities apply to college admission decisions. The list of most frequently used SAT score-use practices was developed in conjunction with a special task force of College Board members who advised staff.

  • What if students do not abide by a college's or university's score-use practice?

    As a matter of integrity, students are expected to follow college admission policies, and the same is true with respect to a student's sending of test scores to colleges. Students are responsible for complying with the admission requirements of the colleges, universities and scholarship programs to which they apply.

  • Is there a loophole that allows colleges to "opt out" of Score Choice?

    Colleges cannot "opt out of" or "reject" Score Choice. Score Choice is a feature available to students. Colleges set their own policies and practices regarding the use of test scores. The College Board does not release SAT test scores without student consent. This will continue under Score Choice. Colleges, universities and scholarship programs will receive the scores applicants send to them.