Behind the Scenes

What happens while you wait for your scores.

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  1. Secure Delivery

    After you turn in your answer sheet to the test center supervisor, it will be carefully tracked until it is delivered (along with all of the other forms) to the College Board's processing center.

  2. Scanning and Analysis

    Your answer sheet is scanned and the resulting file of answers is analyzed by our system. The system takes all of those circles that you carefully filled in and calculates your raw score. Basically, this is the sum of points you earned based on the number of questions you answered correctly, minus a fraction of the number of the questions that you answered incorrectly. Learn more about how the test is scored.

  3. Essay Scoring

    If you took the SAT, your essay is scanned and scored independently by two qualified readers. If the two readers' scores differ by more than one point, the scoring director will score the essay. Read more about how the essay is scored.

  4. Conversion to Scaled Score

    Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score (reported on a 200- to 800-point scale) by a process that ensures that your score is not affected by different forms of the test or other test-takers' ability levels. This scaled score is what you see when you get your scores.

  5. Scores Released

    Usually, approximately three weeks after you take the test, your SAT scores are released in a password-protected area of My SAT called My Organizer. Although most scores are available on this first score release day, a small percentage might not be available. If your scores are not available, you will need to check back later.

  6. Viewing Scores

    For the first week that scores are available, your personal My Organizer page will alert you that your scores are in and will provide you with a shortcut to view them. To see your scores online, sign in to My Organizer.

  7. Full Score Report

    Once your full score report is ready, it will be posted to your My SAT area. Your score report includes a detailed breakdown of your scores, information about what your scores mean, and how your scores compare to those of other test-takers. If you took the SAT, your essay is also available to view online.

  8. Scores Delivered

    A few days after your scores are released online, we begin delivering your official score report to your high school and to any colleges, universities or scholarship programs that you identified as score recipients during registration. If you registered by mail, you'll receive a paper copy of your score report in the mail.

What's next?

Additional Score Reports

You can order additional score reports to be sent to colleges, universities, scholarship programs, or other recipients. (This is in addition to the four reports included with your registration.) Only scores sent directly from the College Board are official and include access to your essay (for the SAT). For example, photocopied score reports, scores printed from the Internet, or scores on your high school transcript cannot be validated. There is a fee associated with ordering additional reports.

Student Score Verification Service

If you took the SAT on certain test dates, you may be able to order the Question-and-Answer Service, which includes a booklet with your actual test questions and a report with answers. QAS is available for the SAT only, and only for specific test dates. On all other dates, the Student Answer Service is offered. You can review and order these score services as part of your registration or when you receive your scores.