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Archived scores

Once you have left high school and have not tested for a year, we remove your test scores and your responses to the SAT Questionnaire from our active file. However, your test scores are placed in an archive and can be retrieved for reporting to you and to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs that you designate.

How to receive old scores

By Mail

You can request archived scores by mail. Download the following form and complete each section: Archived Score Report Order Form.

Send your completed form and proper payment to the following address:

SAT Program
P.O. Box 7503
London, KY 40742-7503

By Telephone

You can request archived scores by telephone. Call Customer Service, and have the following information ready:

  • Current name and address
  • Test date and registration number (if available)
  • Name and address at the time you tested
  • College and scholarship program codes of score recipients
  • Credit card number and expiration date

Reporting fees

There is a score reporting fee for each report, plus an additional retrieval fee for processing archived scores.

Rush reporting

Depending on what time of day you submit your rush request, it may take a day or more to process it. Once your request is processed, rush reporting sends your score report within two working days (not counting holidays and weekends) either electronically or by first-class mail, depending on how each institution receives scores. 

An additional rush fee applies, plus the score reporting fee for each report, and the retrieval fee for processing the archived scores. Credit card payment is required for phone requests.

You should check with your college before ordering rush reports because institutions receive scores in different formats and may not review your scores until their next scheduled delivery time.


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