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Flexible score reports for fee-waiver students

If you are eligible for a fee waiver, you can send up to four additional score reports at no charge as part of the SAT Fee-Waiver Service. These score reports:

  • Can be used while you are in high school.
  • Can be ordered at registration or at any time after you take the SAT or an SAT Subject Test.
  • Can be used even if you previously registered for the SAT or an SAT Subject Test without using a fee waiver.

Only four score reports can be used during your testing lifetime, regardless of the number of times you register. Note that fee waivers do not cover rush fees for expedited score reports.

Using the score reports

Before placing your order, determine how many credits you have left by:

  1. Going to My SAT. The number of score reports appears automatically if you have previously registered for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests™ with a fee waiver.
  2. Calling Customer Service and providing your registration information from your most recent test date.

Rush reporting

We ask that you order additional score reports using only the regular score reporting service at this time. Please do not send scores for rush delivery, as processing times vary and delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Rush orders placed after Oct. 15 will have the rush fee of $31 refunded if your order was not fulfilled within two business days. Please allow 5–10 business days for the credit to appear on your credit card or in your PayPal account.

Depending on what time of day you submit your rush request, it may take a day or more to process it. Once your request is processed, rush reporting sends your score report within two working days (not counting holidays and weekends) either electronically or by first-class mail, depending on how each institution receives scores. You should check with the college before ordering rush reports, because institutions may not review your scores until their next scheduled delivery date. If you are applying early decision, check to see if the college accepts October and November scores to meet deadlines.

Be sure that your test has been scored before ordering a rush report. If you are sending reports after you've finished high school, see Requesting Old Scores.


There is an additional fee for this service.

Order online (credit card or PayPal account required)

Follow these steps to send a rush report of your scores online:

  1. Sign in to My SAT. If you haven't already created a collegeboard.com username and password, do so now.
  2. Click the "Send Available Scores" button.
  3. Search by name, state, code or country for the colleges and scholarship programs you'd like to receive your scores.
  4. Select the rush reporting option on the "Review Your Order" screen.
  5. Review and print your confirmation page.
Order by mail

Follow these steps to send a rush report of your scores by paper.

  1. Download and print the Additional Score Report Order Form.
  2. Make sure to complete each section to avoid score reporting delays.
  3. After completing the form, send it along with proper payment to:

    SAT Program
    P.O. Box 7503
    London, KY 40742-7503
    Please make your check or money order payable to The College Board.

Sending old scores

How to request old scores

Once you have left high school and have not tested for a year, we remove your test scores and your responses to the SAT Questionnaire from our active file. However, your test scores are placed in an archive and can be retrieved for reporting to you and to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs that you designate.

Learn how to request old scores.